Tages Capital SGR, with its buy and hold strategy approach to investments on sustainable energy, is strongly committed on ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) aspects. We are also a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI).

The Tages ESG team is made up of delegates from key divisions involved in the investment selection, risk management, asset management process, operations and institutional communications, with a direct reporting line to the Board of Directors.

The aim of the ESG team is to implement a medium term action plan already set, in order to properly manage ESG issues on portfolio, reducing business and financial risk and improving return to investors.

In relation to Tages Helios I and Tages Helios II, photovoltaic plant investments are sustainable by their nature. Indeed they are plants powered by renewable sources, replacing traditional ones, thereby reducing CO2 emissions.

In 2019 the whole portfolio of Tages Helios I and Tages Helios II generated more than 432 GWh per year, which is enough to meet the electricity needs of 160,136 households, equal to ¼ of the total requirement of the Metropolitan City of Milan, and an annual saving in the region of 214,000 tons of CO2, equal to the emissions produced by around 10% (approx. 56,000 medium-sized vehicles) of the fleet of the Metropolitan City of Milan.

With regards to the working environment, all staff are aware and actively committed to recycling, the low consumption of materials (sustainable printing), and correct disposal of waste, energy and water savings. In addition, Tages SGR office has a contract for the supply of electricity produced from renewable sources and in 2019 became plastic free thanks to the installation of purified water dispensers.

An internal training program on sustainability issues has been undertaken.