Tages Capital SGR is an asset management company controlled by Tages S.p.A. which has implemented an innovative operating model:

  • a leading independent platform to invest in the Italian renewable market
  • a leading consolidator of portfolio management with a tangible record of acquiring, integrating and optimizing renewable assets
  • a proven investment track record built through the successful acquisitions made by the Funds
  • the investment team is constantly working on a large pipeline of active deals (in order to secure a timely deployment of fresh capital raised)

Tages Capital SGR is currently managing two Funds: Tages Helios and Tages Helios II. Both Funds are characterized by:

  • a “buy and hold” strategy: plants acquired remain in the portfolio until the expiration of the regulated incentives
  • semi-annual cash distributions to investors with capital reimbursement during the entire Fund’s life
  • more than 70 professionals fully committed, including an Operating Company (Delos Power) to look after all technical and administrative aspects of the plants