Milan, 9 April 2024 – Tages Capital SGR (‘Tages’), an asset manager specializing in alternative investment funds in the private markets, through its Tages Helios Net Zero fund investing in renewable energy and energy transition, has signed a binding agreement with Macquarie Capital to co-invest in EV Asset Holding, that controls 50% of IPLANET, the 50/50 joint venture between Macquarie Capital and IP established on 2 April.

IPLANET aims to electrify urban and extra-urban IP service areas in Italy by transforming them into infrastructures for the energy transition.

The conversion plan will initially cover over 500 IP service areas throughout Italy, particularly in the north, where traditional fuel stations will be supplemented with electric charging stations. The electrification of the entire portfolio is expected to be completed by 2032. The development of the charging infrastructure will take place at service stations located in densely trafficked urban and extra-urban roads, and close to commercial areas. In some IPLANET service areas, solar panels and battery storage systems will also be installed to enable optimal utilization of the renewable source. The stations will also be accompanied by areas
dedicated to catering, shopping and car care.

Tages Helios Net Zero, the third fund of Tages Capital Sgr, is focused on investments in the renewable sector and energy transition and classified as art. 9 under the SFDR.

Electric mobility is one of the main topics of the PNIEC (integrated national plan for energy and climate), which has raised the target for the number of electric cars circulating in Italy to 6.6 million by 2030 and the share of renewables in transport set at 22%.

Tages wants to contribute to the achievement of these goals and be an active player in this important transition to sustainable mobility.

Umberto Quadrino, Chairman at Tages S.p.A. commented: “Tages is pleased to participate in the transition towards sustainable mobility through its partnership with Macquarie, a global leader in the infrastructure sector. Thanks to the investment in IPLANET, we will be able to play a key role in the infrastructure of next-generation electric recharging, ensuring optimal coverage throughout the territory“.

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April 9, 2024