Tages Capital SGR is pleased to announce that the Tages Helios fund has signed a contract with the company SECI S.p.A. (Maccaferri Industrial Group) to acquire a portfolio of more than 51 MW comprising 35 plants distributed throughout Apulia, Sicily and Emilia Romagna.
The plants in the portfolio use first-rate technology and were built directly by Enerray, a company managed by SECI Energia – the market leader in Italy. The acquired portfolio generates around 74 GWh a year, which is an energy output capable of meeting the electricity demand of 27,000 families and results in an annual saving of 30,000 tonnes of CO₂ from being released into the atmosphere.

With this latest acquisition, the entire portfolio held by Tages Helios now generates around 290 GWh a year, which is an energy output capable of satisfying the electric energy demand of over 100 thousand families and results in an annual saving of around 152 thousand tonnes of CO₂ from being released into the atmosphere.
Tages Helios is the first infrastructure fund launched by Tages Capital that is entirely dedicated to the Italian photovoltaic sector and has raised more than 250 million Euros in total. The Fund’s investors primarily include insurance companies, pension and social security funds, banking foundations and institutions, as well as private professional investors along with the management of the SGR.

According to the already established operating model, the plants will be managed by Delos Power, a company that emerged from the partnership between Tages Helios and Renam, the largest Italian operator in the asset management sector that is focused on plants generating energy from renewable sources, with a portfolio of over 400MW in total from the plants it manages. Operations and maintenance activities will continue to be carried out by Enerray.

The President of Tages Group, Umberto Quadrino, said: “I am particularly delighted to have completed the acquisition of a group of exceptional photovoltaic plants that were built by a leading Italian industrial group. Following this transaction, Tages Helios’ portfolio has grown to 208 MW, reinforcing the fund’s position as the third-largest operator on the Italian market”.

Gaetano Maccaferri, President of the Maccaferri Industrial Group, commented: “I am happy that the acquisition of Enerray’s photovoltaic plants has been concluded with a leading company in the sector such as Tages. This deal is framed by SECI Energia’s repositioning in the photovoltaic sector, in which Enerray is the Italian leader in the management and maintenance of plants. The proceeds from this deal will be reinvested into other initiatives in the energy sector”.

Tages Capital SGR was assisted during the deal by the law firm Norton Rose Fulbright, by Moroni & Partners for the technical due diligence and by PwC for the accounting and financial aspects.
The Maccaferri Industrial Group was assisted by Legance Lawyers & Associates in its capacity as a legal advisor, by REA reliable energy advisors as technical advisors and by Ernst & Young Italy for the accounting and financial aspects.

Tages Group
Tages Group is a banking and investment group undergoing rapid growth on an international scale and specialises in multi-manager alternative strategies, infrastructure funds and non-performing loan management. Founded in 2011, Tages Group holds a portfolio of around 16 billion Euros of assets under its management, advisory and servicing. Tages Capital LLP manages more than 2 billion euros worth of alternative multi-manager funds and products. Tages Capital SGR is a company specialised in managing infrastructure funds. Credito Fondiario is the non-performing loan platform specialised in the management, brokering and structuring of non-performing loans. Operational in Italy and holding a banking license, Credito Fondiario currently carries out servicing activities on loan portfolios equivalent to a value of around 14 billion euros.

Specialised in the photovoltaic sector, since 2011 Enerray has started an important internationalisation process in motion and, to date, has built more than 240 photovoltaic plants, with an 800MWp output, installed and under construction, of which over 700 MWp is under management, resulting in a reduction of CO2 emissions of over 700 thousand tonnes per year. Established in 2007, and thanks to its internal departments, it is able to design, develop, build and manage “turnkey” photovoltaic plants. The off-grid consolidation of the Bologna-based company is also noteworthy, with technology that allows provision of an electric current to areas without a supply. It closed 2016 with a production value of approximately 130 million Euros. www.enerray.com

The Maccaferri Industrial Group is owned by the family holding company, S.E.C.I, a company which has operated in various business areas since 1949 through its 7 divisions: Officine Maccaferri (environmental engineering), Manifatture Sigaro Toscano (tobacco), Sadam (food and agro-industry), Samp (mechanical engineering), Seci Real Estate (real estate and construction), Seci Energia (energy) and JCube (innovation hub). The Group, presided over by Gaetano Maccaferri, has a global presence with 58 plants, finished 2016 with a turnover close to 1,270 million euros. www.maccaferri.it

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