Tages Capital SGR currently manages two Funds, namely Tages Helios I and Tages Helios II, holding a portfolio of 292 plants with a total installed capacity of 710 MW (from which 634 PV plants + 76 MW from 2 wind plants), confirming its position as the second largest photovoltaic player in Italy and actively contributing to the energy transition of Italy towards renewable energies.

Sustainability-related disclosures

With reference to the assets owned by the Tages Helios and Tages Helios II Funds, investments in renewable energy installations are sustainable by definition. In fact, the production of these plants, by replacing traditional thermoelectric production, contributes to the reduction of GHG emissions.

The approach to responsible investment of the SGR is centred on the assessment, measurement and monitoring of the production and sustainability performance of all investments, leveraging digitalization and cutting-edge information technologies. The SGR adopts a proprietary monitoring system enabling the real-time measurement of technical indicators and KPIs of its installations, including energy generation. This in turn is used to calculate avoided GHG emissions, based on ISPRA (Italian Istituto superiore per la protezione e la ricerca ambientale) conversion factors.

In 2022 the whole portfolio of Tages Helios and Tages Helios II generated approximately 864 GWh, allowing an annual saving of 390 thousand tons of CO2, and sufficient to meet the electricity needs of 320 thousand households.

FondoTipologiaAvvio operativitàStatusCapitale raccolto
Tages HeliosFIA chiuso riservato dedicato alle rinnovabili02/12/2015Chiuso e totalmente investito€253 milioni
Tages Helios IIFIA chiuso riservato dedicato alle rinnovabili31/07/2018Chiuso€ 477 milioni